Rocio Huesca

Rocio is an independent sustainable design consultant, Art lover, and shutterbug. She studied Interior design at The Art Institute – Hollywood and a future candidate for LEED AP. As a child, she was fascinated by the world around her, forming sustainable design principles as a second nature to her. Moved by the Los Angeles River and the poor condition of it, she is dedicated to inform the community about the river’s past and the future, hopping for the day when the river will be revitalized to its once natural condition. Constantly on the move, researching environmental movements happening locally and worldwide, she is dedicated to motivate people in the protection of a delicate nature, regardless of social and economic background. Her latest contribution to the environment; she refuses to use the car for unnecessary purposes, relying on alternative transportation, whenever possible. Until this day, she lives mesmerized by nature and its wonders, enjoying long walks at sunset.