Ford, Fiat, and SMART achieved incredible mileage in ordinary cars yesterday at the ALD Automotive Shell FuelSave MPG Marathon in Gloucestershire, proving that even their engined vehicles can be turned green with careful driving habits. A SMART ForTwo CDi achieved a new record for the event, with an impressive 99.24 miles per gallon over the course of the race. A diesel Fiat Fiorino Cargo van won another MPG award for achieving 82.96 miles per gallon over the 370-mile course using less than four and a half gallons of fuel, a figure that is 26.27 percent better than the official combined mpg ratings for the van. To put that achievement in perspective, those numbers hover near the equivalent mpg of the all-electric Tesla Roadster, which is rated at 92 mpge. “I was really impressed that the Fiorino was able to achieve over 80 mpg on a tough route that included plenty of steep hills, heavy traffic and strong headwinds,” said the vehicle’s driver, automotive journalist John Kerswill. “It’s a great little van to drive, too.”

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Ford didn’t do so badly either, claiming several best in class titles for its new Focus (56.3 mpg, up 17.6 over Ford’s published figures) and several Ford Transit vans (up to 59 mpg, almost 41 percent ahead of normal). Ford Britain managing director Mark Ovenden said of the win: “Fuel efficiency, CO2 and other green credentials have become the new ‘why buys’ steering vehicle choice. Ford’s success at these MPG marathon events show that the blue oval is the best in class.”

The MPG Marathon, now in its 11th year, aims to challenge the UK’s drivers to get the best possible mpg figures from their vehicle and think about the impact they have on fuel consumption. What kind of fuel mileage can you eke out of your vehicle when you really try? Let us know in comments.

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