Touch-activated lamps are not just for your grandma anymore! Brooklyn-basedAutumn Workshop’s Birch Log Touch Lamps are beautiful, innovative and modern. Made from repurposed raw birch log pieces of varying sizes, thelamps bring an outdoorsy feel into any room.

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Each log is crowned with a retro energy-efficient Edison light bulb, which adds to the rustic feel (although it can easily be replaced with a more energy-efficient CFL or LED bulb!) The exposed bulb fits snugly into a carefully hand-milled weld at the top of the log. A blackened steel bar extends the length of each lamp, contributing both both form and function – it is wired to act as one giant dimmer switch. A touch of the bar illuminates the Edison bulb at four different levels of ambient light, from nightlight to bright enough to read a book.

Autumn Workshop’s Birch Log Touch Lamps look great alone on a table, or you can evoke a miniature forest by grouping a few in a corner. These and other lamps are available through their Etsy shop.

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