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Cineteca Madrid’s library is intersected by a trapezoidal staircase woven with clear plastic tubes filled with energy saving LED lights that give off just enough light to allow visitors to browse an incredible collection of materials related to cinematheque but not so much that it ruins the slightly brooding ambience. Black wood derived from certified forests give the floor, walls and ceiling further contribute to this heightened sensory experience.

The 244 square meter film set is open to young filmmakers with a low budget but is mostly used to show documentaries. It’s set in an open space and designed to be adaptable. Once the film is complete, it can be shown in one of two 239 seater theaters that will blow your mind. The walls are completely wrapped in recycled black rubber tubing also filled with LED lights that gifts space with stellar acoustics.

Josemaría de Churtichaga + Cayetana de la Quadra-Salcedo managed to bring the Madrid City Council’s commission to life. And did we mention that the team made very few adjustments to the existing brick building, preferring instead to adapt to its particular restrictions. Uhm… can anyone spare a plane ticket to Madrid?

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