Bucharest-based studio Armarada just unveiled Avis Magica – a conceptual vertical tower for Miami that boasts a 120 meter-tall aquarium and energy-generating “feathers,” among many other zany features. An artificial “ecosystem” is stacked within the stylized skyscraper in a profusion of nature that serves as a giant oxygen tank for the city.

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The competition, held by DawnTown, called for an iconic design for a building in main city, which explains Avis Magica’s rather fantastical shape. The design addresses the problem of urban pollution with a living tower filled with plants, water, birds, insects, and other fauna and flora. More than just a monument, however, this building is made for experiencing.

Visitors can use one of two lifts to explore the interior after visiting a below-ground museum devoted to Miami’s wildlife. Staring at the base of a 120 meter aquarium that takes its water directly from the sea, visitors stop by an island level filled with tropical plants and birds (as well as some insects, we gather.) Above that are artificial rain clouds and then finally an observation deck and “wings” made with a pile of vibrating, energy-generating “feathers.”

If this all sounds fantastical, don’t forget that aquarium towers are already a reality, and we are talking about Miami!

+ Armarada Architects