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Located in the heart of the Pearl River Delta, Bao’an is a quickly modernizing area eager to transform from a manufacturing hub to a sustainable and tech-oriented center. As part of this vision, the city asked architects to redevelop its 30-kilometer-long, 12-lane G107 highway, a massive piece of infrastructure longer than the length of New York City’s Manhattan island. Avoid Obvious and Tetra Architects & Planners responded by splitting the G107 into two elevated four-lane enclosures surrounded by green space and topped with landscaped parks.

G107 Bao’an by Avoid Obvious and Tetra Architects & Partners, G107 Shenzhen redesign, Bao’an conceptual design, utopian Chinese city design, sustainable Shenzhen

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Multi-functionality is at the heart of this new green spine. Not only would cars and pedestrians use it, but the redesigned G107 would also be used as a drone highway for flying bots making deliveries. The subway line would run underneath the highway. “The multi-layered design will not only create a smooth transit experience, but it will also carry smart technology to manage water and air pollution,” write the architects. “The new G107 will no longer be a deterrent to development, but a valuable asset for Bao’an. Our smart design will drastically reduce the city’s carbon footprint. The ultimate goal is to make Bao’an a smart city that can be carbon neutral by 2045.”

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