Do you love the retro look of incandescent light bulbs and harbor guilty thoughts of stockpiling them in preparation for their phase out? Well, here’s your happy compromise! The energy-efficient vosLED light bulb looks like Edison’s original design but uses the latest LED technology to keep up with sustainable lighting developments. German lighting manufacturer Vosla looked to the original 1879 carbon-filament bulb for inspiration, creating a retro-style bulb that consumes much less energy than its classic predecessor.

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The energy-saving vosLED will appeal to those who appreciate the retro look of the original light bulb but are making the switch to other, more sustainable lighting solutions. Vosla’s new bulb aims to reconcile the minimalist aesthetics of traditional design with modern-day environmentally conscious attitudes. Thanks to this combination of traditional aesthetics and innovative LED technology, vosLED received the 2014 Red Dot Award in the Lighting and Lamps category.

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The bulb maintains all the advantages of its traditional counterpart, providing even illumination while also using recyclable raw materials. The vosLED brings back the genius of Edison’s invention whilst giving it all the energy-saving advantages of LED technology.

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