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Surrounded by natural light and greenery, a night at Frezza and Chiao’s miniature treehouse and 88-square-foot cabin community almost feels like living outdoors. Protected from the elements by exposed brick walls, the 88-square foot cabin and 100-square-foot treehouse were built for just $2,000 from luan plywood and standard lumber. The Airbnb rental income supports the couple’s work as artists and designers.

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Both micro-dwellings are furnished with a bed, storage space, and a semi-private garden area that connects to a larger communal space with a kitchen. A shared bathroom is located on the opposite end of the loft. As an artists’ loft, the Bushwick studio also doubles a gallery showcasing the artwork of Frezza and Chiao, as well as other local artists and designers. The cabin is available to rent for $118 per night—the treehouse is also available if the whole loft is rented—with bookings made through Airbnb.

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