With the electronics world outdoing itself at every turn, your next gadget will be obsolete almost the moment you purchase it. Mike Schropp over at Total Geekdom believes that we can still find use for our old technology, and to prove it he built a robotout of trash! Schropp’s new friend doesn’t move on his own accord, or perform any tricks, but he sure is a shining example of how one person’s trash could be another’s treasure.

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“In this modern day age of electronics and computers, obsolescence takes less time than ever before. From the moment you buy a new electronic or computer gadget the timer starts ticking,” Schropp says on his blog, Total Geekdom. “Most of them unfortunately end up in a landfill somewhere, while others are put to the side and forgotten. Occasionally they’re recycled. I began to think about re-purposing.”

Schropp’s idea for the robot came to him when he was throwing out some trash and discovered a bag of old computer parts that were being tossed away. He says on his blog that he felt, “for a moment a brief feeling of sadness for these discarded PCs.”

Scropp started asking family and friends for old electronics that they weren’t using, and after collecting them he set out assembling his robot. “When I started this project I had nothing more than a box of old, obsolete parts that people had discarded,” Schropp mentioned. In addition to a couple of camera lenses — that act as the robot’s eyes — Schropps robot managed to keep a Dell Inspiron, a Dell Optiplex Desktop Computer, a Gateway CRT Monitor, a Gateway Desktop Computer, a Dell LCD Monitor and numerous other pieces of old tech out of the landfill. Perhaps these gadgets won’t be able to run their processors anymore but they’ve been transformed into a piece of art that can inspire us to think about what our old tech might be good for.

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