This cute cylindrical shelter made from renewable Portuguese cork is the perfect place to spend some quality time outdoors. Designed in collaboration between Ana Correia, Vasco Lopes, Vera Gomes and Bruno Guerreiro for Dideia, the flat-pack shelter takes advantage of the thermal properties of locally sourced cork. Dubbed ‘Cork Tree House’, the all-natural retreat is a far cry from synthetic A-shaped tents.

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Dideia’s flat-pack cork shelter is portable and very lightweight, so it can be rolled to fit inside a small travelling bag in no time. The tent has breathable flaps, a custom-fit bedroll, and a pillow inside. It also has been designed with a porthole on the top that lets some light and air in while providing views of the sky and trees overhead. The dwelling uses renewable cork’s thermal properties to its advantage, insulating the user from extreme cold or scorching heat.

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