Hanging a bed from the ceiling is not only a practical solution for small apartments – it also creates a strong design statement. The owners of this tiny London apartment maximized their living space by suspending their bed above the designated office space, and then they inserted a skylight above it. The overhead window optimizes natural light during the day, and at night it provides a direct connection to the starry sky.

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This solution has a different spatial effect compared to regular loft beds, usually designed and built for extremely small flats. In apartments with standard height, these can look too confined and a bit claustrophobic. Loft beds can also visually clog the space, making it look smaller than it is.

In order to mitigate that claustrophobic feeling, the owners of this London apartment decided to create askylight above the bed, which hangs from the ceiling. Large windows retract to allow access to a 500 square foot rooftop garden, while the home office below the bed receives additional lighting from the skylight and is discretely separated from the rest of the apartment.

Via Gizmodo, Laughing Squid