Forget the weather app on your phone, now you can find out your area’s meteorological information with this crazy box – on your coffee table. The Tempescope, invented by Ken Kawamoto, is like a rectangular crystal ball with visual atmospheric conditions depicted inside its glass walls. Currently available on an Indiegogo campaign, the device culls weather information from your smartphone, then miraculously recreates it in miniature form inside a glass cube that can sit in your living room.

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Inspired by a holiday filled withfog and rain in the Pacific Northwest, Kawamoto created the Tempescope as a way to bring the moody skies and changing humidity to his home. Confined in a tabletop glass encasement, the Tempescope can recreate weather conditions, turning a typical rainy day into a beautiful (and contained) art installation.

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Inside the glass walls of Kawamoto’s Tempescope, elements of weather like sunshine, rain, fog and even lightning can be recreated. Hooked into a Bluetooth device, the box simply mimics what’s happening out side. If the sunshine outdoors bores you, Tempescope can be set manually to recreate any weather, or even emulate the weather from any spot on earth.

Kawamoto originally made Tempescope available on open source DIY forums, but many users were unable to build the device as successfully as he could. In order to share his amazing invention, Kawamoto then started an Indiegogo campaign, with kits available in the United States next April for around $199.

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