If you’re into homemade foods and crafts, then you’ll love the idea behind Jrumchai Singalavanij’s textile recycler, which we spotted at this year’s London Design Week. Awfully reminiscent of that pasta machine your ‘nona’ might have in her house, Singalavanij takes this traditional apparatus one step further and turns it into contraption able to process textile waste. With just a few cranks, the textile recycler can transform just about any mix ‘ingredients’ into new material ready for application!

Singalavanij is an industrial design student at the Royal College of Art, committed to the idea that expressing a non-violent attitude towards the entire ecosystem is fundamental to life and design. All of his pieces utilize recycled waste material from industry, and with his amazing recycler, he has managed to develop a unique process able to turn trashed threads into something that can be woven. His final collection is an array of fabrics, inviting to both the touch and to positive sentiments of eco-friendly reuse.

+ London Design Week