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AZL Architects, geometric church, Nanjing Wanjing Garden's Chapel, Semi-Transparent Skin, China, V-shaped roof, pointy design

Located on a park’s riverbank in the city of Nanjing, AZL Architects’ brilliant chapel shelters weddings and other religious services. Its distinctive V-shaped roof was covered in dark shingles and rises at the end rather than at its center. Its highest peak is at 40 ft high, where it holds a cross that points towards the sky.

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Below the roof, a double-layered facade consists of solid white walls, screened behind a semi-transparent wooden skin. The architects explained the reasoning behind the second skin, saying that, “the outer shell serves as a filter of the view outside, implying the start of a religious spatial experience.” Inside the octagonal floor plan, everything is bright, minimal and white with natural light penetrating only through openings on the skylight’s roof and walls.

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Photos by Yao Li