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Many of the works in the exhibition are oversized circular wall medallions that are overflowing with greenery. For one piece, Makato carefully folded hundreds, if not thousands, of green leaves, creating a thick spiral made up of elliptical folds, culminating in a central swirl.

Another medallion sprouts thick broccoli-like moss around the circumference, with a succulent plant smack in the center. Multi-textured and lush, the piece appears like a garden oasis in the middle of the stark white gallery walls. Makato also manipulates the sturdy leaves into ribbon-like fans. Layered atop one another, the furls radiate from the center, looking like a gathering of award ribbons. The free-hanging pieces use a combination of patterns and textures, fusing accordion leaves with ribbon fans, as well as natural shapes.

Makato is no stranger to working with plants. The artist and designer is the proprietor of JARDINS des FLEURS, an innovative flower shop in Moto-Azabu, Tokyo. His plant sculptures, installations and designs have been enjoyed by clients, gardens and art galleries alike.

+ Azuma Makato

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