Botanical artist Azuma Makoto’s latest masterpiece wasn’t crafted from branches and blooms, but instead from LEGOs! The artist has built a life-like bonsai from the popular children’s blocks. The tree leans in true bonsai fashion, and is rooted in a textured LEGO grass planter.

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The Tokyo based Azuma is no stranger to the beauty of botanica, often using living plants and fallen leaves to create sculptural works. His LEGO bonsai is a contrast to this- using plastic blocks to represent a living plant. The resulting tree looks like a pixilated version of the traditional Japanese plant.

Browns, greens and black LEGO blocks are transformed into the bark and leaves of the leaning tree, which rests in a moss-covered LEGO dish. The trunk and branches are made from bigger double LEGO blocks, while the dainty green leaves are made up of singular blocks.

From afar, the tree appears to be a real bonsai, the blocks blurry together to give the illusion of a real tree.

The creative plastic plant measures up to real bonsai trees, fitting perfectly on a side table or shelf- but no need to put this tree near a window! Azuma’s miniature LEGO plant brings all the serenity that a real bonsai does to a room- but without the rigorous watering, fertilizing and training regimen needed to care for a living tree!

+ Azuma Makoto

Via Spoon Tamago