Add another line to your dreamhouse wishlist. The New Zealand company Bachkit has created a holiday home that sits in the landscape of your choice and features a host of adjustable parts that make it personal and practical. The most appealing components are the sliding double wall panels – one in aluminum and one in glass – which allow levels of privacy, indoor temperature and airflow to be changed easily, and blur the boundaries of indoor and outdoor living. The image to the right shows the house fully closed up, and images below show open-air options.

The Bachkit comes in five variations, including a main pavilion, a guest pavilion, and optional extended decks with overhanging roofs.

An outdoor room functions as transitional space between the main house and the deck, with a circular skylight and wood floors. Indoor floors are oak and decking is made of Kwila hardwood. Among the more unique features is the ability to hose the exterior down for low-maintenance cleaning before departure (as if you’d ever leave).

link: Bachkit