For over a week we have run our Back to School Contest to giveaway a fabulous solar-powered bag by Noon Solar. In the last few days, we have received over 100 funny, heartwarming, and just plain wacky submissions from you guys trying to convince us who is the most deserving of the free Noon Solar bag. We were completely floored by how many amazingly thoughtful and creative responses we got, and have had a really hard time picking a winner out of so many compelling submissions. But we only have one Noon Solar bag to giveaway, so without further ado, the winner is….

1ST PRIZE – High School Teacher ‘Kitschy’

– College student biking around Europe ‘Pecanino’

RUNNERS-UP (We picked a few more than 5, because we just couldn’t decide..)
Solar Shannon

Hope you guys all want Inhabitat T-shirt (or Totes). If you don’t – please let us know so that we can give them to someone who wants them.

To read the selection of entries we got to this competition, check out the comments here >

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Our first prize winner Kitschy has won solar-powered bag by Noon Solar – their choice of a ladylike midnight ‘Cortland’ handbag (worth $412) or a more manly midnight ‘Logan’ style (worth $452). These beautifully handcrafted bags can charge any small handheld gadgets from cell phones to iPods. If that weren’t enough in terms of green credentials, Noon Solar bags are also made from sustainable materials such as hand-dyed hemp and vegetable-tanned leathers. Finally, these must-have bags are definitely the cutest solar accessories around, powering your eco-chic wardrobe while keeping your personal gadgets charged and ready to go.

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Our second prize winner, Pecanino, has won a lovely Inhabitat tote bag, stuffed with a Freeplay handcrank lantern and an Inhabitat T-shirt of his choice.

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Eight runner-up third prize winners will receive an Inhabitat T-shirt (or tote bag) of their choice.