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If the weather is nice, the first stop for family members is a wrap-around deck that’s protected by a roof overhanging on three sides. Most of the building’s exterior is clad in a cypress siding which was momentarily burnt to leave a striking dark finish. This unique treatment also makes the wood more resilient against fire, insects, and rot.

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The sitting area features large bay windows that create a light and airy space for family members to sit in silence and contemplate. Instead of corner posts, the wrapped windows meet at various points to eliminate the perceived boundaries that would have been created otherwise.  On the other hand, the office area is relatively closed off, with light and ventilation provided by small windows at desk-height.

Most of the design touches are simple, yet elegant, to ensure that the backyard writing studio remains a subtle statement, and more importantly, a somewhat secret retreat. In the event that other people have already holed up in the cabin, there is a last-resort ladder against the back wall that leads up to a private roof-top observation deck.

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Images by Fredrik Brauer and Ann Packwood