The good green folks at the University of British Columbia have an ingenious sustainable gingerbread house design project going on right now. Terry, a sustainability project at UBC (Vancouver, Canada) is sponsoring Bake For A Change, a gingerbread house bake-off as a means to engage both ordinary people and professionals alike on issues surrounding sustainable design and global change via creative, interactive, and hands-on activites. In the spirit of eco-spice and everything environmentally nice, Terry is encouraging all bakers and enviro-shakers to submit their own version of an edible, sustainable gingerbread home before their deadline of December 31st, 3007.

Bake For A Change CONTEST RULES are the following:

1) Everything must be edible.
2) There must be at least FOUR identifiable sustainable building design elements.
3) Your design must include a minimum of a floor, a door, four walls, a roof, and two windows.

1) Upload a maximum of FOUR photos to the Bake for a Change Flickr Group.
2) OR, Email a maximum of FOUR photos (in .jpeg format, each under 2 MB), along with a brief (< 300 words) description of how it all works to: Subject line: “Bake for a Change 2007 Entry” Email: [email protected] DEADLINE DATE
Midnight PST, December 31, 2007

Each submission will pass a panel of Terry representatives and a few mystery judges from the design field. To avoid conflicts of interest, none of the judges will take part in the competition.

You will be judged on how you manage to build and describe your sustainable gingerbread house: Is it plausible? Is it appealing? Remember, you are a gingerbread architect of taste as well as ideals.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizewinners will win a thoroughly fashionable Bake For a Change t-shirt.

May the best and most sustainably tasty design win! Think globally and bake locally!

+ Bake For A Change Contest

+ Terry (University of British Columbia)

Gaudi Gingerbread House (Barcelona)