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UP Balloon Tables, Bob Monkhouse, optical illusion, coffee table, balloons, Duffy London, glass, ethically sourced materials, metal resin composite

Artist Duffy London is well known for his playful trompe-l’œils, from swing tables that make conferences a fun affair to an abyss table that looks like a cross-section of the ocean floor. London derives inspiration for his designs from Bob Monkhouse, an English entertainer who once said: “Growing old is compulsory, growing up is optional.”

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The UP Balloon Tables were based on the concepts of levitation and buoyancy. The metal balloons come in red, gold, or silver and are attached to the ground by white string-like rods that appear to fall to the ground in a swirling pattern. The balloons’ weightless appearance is achieved through careful attention to detail: the “balloons” are carefully shaped to look as if they are filled with helium and the rubber knot-like piece added to the bottom of each object heightens the artwork’s realism.

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Images © Tom Oxley Photography