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The innovative sculpture provides a double treat by brightening up the streets of Baltimore with thought provoking public art that is also functional. Local bus riders can get creative as well as assume different postures when waiting for the bus to arrive inside mmmm…’s quirky installation. The lower portion of the B can hold several standing riders, while the U doubles as a cozy bench. The curvaceous S doubles as a recliner for one, or a bench for riders to snuggle up under, with the upper curve providing protection from rain or harsh sun rays.

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The sturdy shelter is made from materials used for urban furniture, with smooth wood and steel. Designed by the mmmm… team of Emilio Alarcón, Alberto Alarcón, Ciro Márquez, and Eva Salmerón, the shelter was developed for Baltimore in conjunction with SPAIN arts & culture and Creative Alliance for TRANSIT, a program linking the Maryland city with Europe through creatively placed projects. The BUS piece also has a third function, serving as a new landmark and urban meeting spot- as well as an interesting conversation starter!

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