Some parts of the world commonly go through a period of the year they refer to as a dry season, wet season or rainy season. In Taiwan, locals are well versed in the monsoon season. Artist Ching Ke Lin of Grid.atelier reflects this natural occurrence in an installation called “The Season of the Wind.”

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A lady walking through the art installation

Located in Yilan, Taiwan, the display represents the regular visits of wind and rain throughout the fall and winter. Grid.atelier describes the monsoon visits by saying, “Sometimes it strokes lightly, sometimes it strikes heavily, sending its influence and force slowly or quickly along the diverse terrain of mountain villages, paddy fields, and bottomlands.”

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A farther away view of the entire bamboo art

Ching Ke Lin uses a local resource, bamboo, as the medium in the work, and then experiments with the flexibility of the material. Each bamboo panel is carefully formed to contribute to the landscape of textures across the dunes. Meanwhile, contours aim to mirror the look of grass blown by the air currents of the invisible northeast monsoon. The installation is also composed of tens of thousands of bamboo pieces. These pieces are placed as an invitation for visitors to participate in the simulation of standing in the monsoon’s path.

A winding path showing the bent bamboo

“The Season of the Wind” represents Ching Ke Lin’s work as a bamboo artist, but it’s not the first time he’s delved into the relationship between humans and bamboo. Fascinated by its potential, Lin works to enhance the public perspective of bamboo, embracing it as both a natural material and an art form. 

Close view of the bent bamboo

“Realizing that bamboo is tough yet flexible, carrying the philosophy of life, creative potential, and technical culture of humankind beyond time and space, Lin has embraced his devotion to the spirit of all things, traveling into nature and exploring the bamboo world with his playful heart.”

Following ten years in the industrial design field, Lin focused his energy on his work at Grid.atelier. As a result, he has completed commissioned work for notable companies such as Uniqlo, Mercedes-Benz, Nousaku, KITOKITO TOYAMA, 7-Eleven and PX Mart.

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Images via Grid.atelier