The architectural brief outlined a peaceful structure placed amongst an existing farm. The result is a striking two-bedroom home with minimal site impact and expansive views in every direction. 

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A bamboo building suspended above the ground by a pole

Located in a rural region of Kolkata, India, the Macha House is a retreat from the hum of the urban environment. Both the setting and the house strike a tone of simplicity and tranquility. The setting is a guava orchard and the home is a “Macha,” or an elevated observation platform that overlooks the landscape. 

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A bamboo structure with an open area

To take full advantage of the landscape above the canopy of trees, Macha House was built nine feet off the ground. In addition to creating a viewpoint, the living spaces are protected from wildlife and the effects of common flooding in the region. The placement and elevated platform also allow the plantation to remain mostly undisrupted. 

A bamboo overhang structure

Additionally, to mitigate against potential water damage, metal supports create a durable foundation. Within the house, metal was kept to a minimum in favor of bamboo. Both a natural material and traditional one, bamboo matches the surroundings and is locally available. As a quick-growing, renewable resource, bamboo is an inexpensive and easy-to-source material with a small environmental impact. The thatched roof is as functional as it is familiar.  

A bamboo house lit up at night

As a result, the architectural design is minimalist. The service are placed in the center of the structure and the rooms. Meanwhile, terraces are placed around the outside to accentuate a connection with the outdoors. The interior design maintains the theme of simplicity and an emphasis on traditional and regional materials. It’s adorned with wood furniture and soft furnishings.

Shot from above down below to the bamboo home

Designed by the team at Abin Design Studio, Macha House provides shelter and sanctuary in equal portions.  

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Images via Suryan // Dang