Cozy Earth is a luxury brand, most widely known for its ultra-soft sheets chosen by Oprah to put on her list of “Favorite Things” in 2018. While customer reviews are overwhelmingly high, there’s more to the company than its famed bedding. Most recently, that includes a line of loungewear that you can wear indoors or out — a dedication to quality that is meant to keep you wearing them for decades.

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Not only is the mission of the brand to produce long-lasting apparel and bedding but to do so sustainably. Inasmuch, the company expends massive efforts to connect with every level of the supply chain and manufacturing process.

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Specifically, the Cozy Earth mission is to: “Build the best product, know every supplier, craft products responsibly, and serve the customer always.”

With this in mind, representatives travel to each farm and factory to meet the suppliers and workers who make it all happen. They watch every step in the production process and talk with employees to get a sense of the work environment. In this way, they ensure products are ethically made. 

Cozy Earth’s viscose fabric goes through a multi-step process in order to extract the softest fibers from the bamboo. It’s a process that starts with responsible production and innovative technology. Suppliers cut the mature bamboo and then make them smaller. The fibers inside the stalks are washed to soften the pulp before it’s spread into sheets of material. Once dried, the sheets are turned into a soft, fluffy cotton-like product that is spun into yarn for Cozy Earth products.

A model wearing the pullover outside in foggy woods

The result is unmatched softness with attention to environmental standards and ethical production. Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that does not release carbon dioxide when cut down and acts as a quickly renewable source of materials. Therefore, it’s less environmentally impactful than harvesting trees and requires less water than cotton. 

Bamboo is manufactured in a closed-loop system for efficiency and cost savings. The entire process is chemical free so there is no pollution to the water or air and no exposure for employees. Cozy Earth has materials tested at several stages in the process to ensure its high standards. 

The bamboo is turned into bedding and clothing with an intentionally minimalist design. In addition to sheets and comforters, the company makes a variety of luxury bath towels as well. For clothing, the company keeps it cozy with pajamas, shirts, pants, shorts, robes, dresses, socks and hair scrunchies.

The most recent release is a line of loungewear that includes the Women’s Bamboo Ultra-Soft Wide Leg Patch Pocket Pant, Bamboo Ultra-Soft Hoodie and Bamboo Ultra-Soft Quilted Snap Pullover. It also includes the Men’s Bamboo Ultra-Soft Quarter Zip, Bamboo Ultra-Soft Quilted Snap Pullover and Bamboo Ultra-Soft Full Zip Hoodie.

Review of Cozy Earth loungewear

The company offered to send samples from the new arrivals and asked about my preferences. A few days later, a very heavy package arrived, and inside I found all three of my top choices — a very generous sample indeed! Stick with me here and I’ll tell you all about them.

The packaging left room for improvement if we’re focused on doing everything we can to be environmentally friendly. It arrived in a standard plastic mailer. Each of the three items was further packaged in individual Plastic Number 4 LDPE bags. While these are recyclable in some areas, they are not accepted everywhere and, in my mind, are nearly certain to end up in the waste stream.

One thing I’ve discovered in this industry — packaging can easily be plastic-free, and I’d like to see Cozy Earth step up to the plate on that one. Having said that, the product tags attached to the clothing are minimalist and made of natural materials so I appreciated that.

Model wearing zipped hoodie and a pullover

Ultra-Soft Hoodie

Now to the products. They sent the Women’s Bamboo Ultra-Soft Hoodie in black. I requested a medium and felt like I was right in between sizes. For reference, I’m 5 feet 5 inches, 140 pounds with all my weight around my waist. It is the right fit.

The design is trendy yet classic, with an indescribably soft texture and cozy feel. The sleeves rest at the wrist and the bottom is slightly cropped. Not so much that I feel like I’m wearing my daughter’s clothing, but enough that I want to give it a tug now and then. However, it received rave reviews from the aforementioned daughter when she saw it on me so it must look acceptable for a middle-aged woman. Although it might be slightly outside my normal fit, it’s roomy, comfortable, breathable, flexible and did I mention soft? This thing is so soft.

Ultra-Soft Pullover

I also received the Women’s Bamboo Ultra-Soft Quilted Snap Pullover in charcoal. The color is perfect. The quilting adds a lovely dimension to the look. Compared to the hoodie, the sleeves and overall length are just a tad longer. It’s much thicker than the hoodie and is a different style altogether with snaps that create a mock neck. Every part of this pullover speaks to quality.

The first reaction from everyone is how heavy it is. It’s literally like a small weighted blanket. It’s a very warm, yet incredibly breathable fabric, and the weight just adds to the comforting vibe. It can be worn with the snaps closed or open. They are high-quality, and I have no concerns about them failing or falling off. The stitching throughout is impeccable and the inside of the pockets are fabulously soothing. As loungewear goes, I’m in love with both of these tops but will likely only wear them out because they are too nice to wear at home.

My husband received the Men’s Bamboo Ultra-Soft Quilted Snap Pullover in navy. I almost ordered the medium but went with the large. He’s glad I did. His is even heavier than mine, but once again, it doesn’t feel weighty while he’s wearing it. The look is certainly nice enough to wear to dinner or on an evening hike, but it can be aligned with sweats too. “It’s warm and comfortable,” he says. What more could you want?

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