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Bamboo Orchard Subdivision, Buensalido+Architects, phillipines, social housing, low income housing, modular housing

Buensalido+Architects had the goal of creating a housing development that instilled a sense of pride in the owners through improved architectural design and construction quality. Each building features a similar style and aesthetic, but enjoys a variety in features, shifted windows and arrangements. Homeowners are allowed to choose their own accent color, which helps provide a sense of pride and identity and achieves a festive character that is Filipino in nature.

The project is build using a custom-manufactured modular wall system made with 100% recycled HIMI (High Impact Moulded Inserts) bonded between two layers of fiber cement boards. These walls are erected on-side and then a monolithic structure is created by filling it with concrete. The system works to create a fast, hygienic, economical load-bearing construction system. Floor to ceiling windows ensure the penetration of natural light into the interiors, while canopies and deep eaves provide shade to the structure and reduce solar heat gain.

Images ©Buensalido+Architects