In China’s Guangdong province, three hours north of Guangzhou, an old military base is being turned into an eco-village. Moso Village aims to become a wireless village where rural residents can remain in their ancestral villages while staying connected to the world, rather than moving into the city where their skills in organic agricultural are of little use.

The village is surrounded by Moso bamboo forests, the largest of the cold hardy bamboo species. Moso is the most common bamboo for use in building, flooring and furniture, and will be the primary building material for Moso Village, as well as a source of employment for villagers. Moso will incorporate solar panels, graywater systems, composting toilets and electric bicycles, making it both sustainable and self-sufficient.

There is a work-in-progress blog and a gallery of photos at the website where you can read about Moso’s growth.


Thanks, Timothy!