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A1 Architects, BANA1N, temporary shelter, recycled cardboard boxes, Designblok06, Czech Republic, Prefab Housing, Recycled Materials

Inspired by those living a dynamic and often low budget life, this cool modular shelter can be assembled and disassembled with little effort, and even be setup as a space within a space for some extra privacy. By turning the box tops inwards, the interior also finds itself lined with plenty of shelves and lit by the light peeking through the boxes.

First unveiled at Designblok06 back in 2006, BANA1N was a short-term structure housing different activities inside. More recently the tropical shelter made an appearance at a Czech design show as a ‘banana bar’ that served up banana milkshakes all throughout the night.

A1 hopes that people around the world will be inspired to use the Bana1n system in a free creative way — and off course recycle the cardboard once they are done!

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