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We don’t monkey around when it comes to picking out our organic fruit. And one year-round favorite that always finds itself in our bags is that yellow little delight you could easily call nature’s miracle fruit. We love bananas for their self-containing peel and super nutritious snack ready state, but while they do come naturally pre-packaged, if your one of the many who like grabbing one on the go for a late afternoon pick me up, you may often find that pristine yellow treat in a less than fortunate state. So say goodbye to smashed and bruised bananas because the Banana Guard has got it covered – literally. Made from FDA approved BPA-free, recyclable plastic, this banana shaped case is the perfect way to protect your banana no matter what size it may come in. Dishwasher safe and totally reusable, the Banana Guard is a cute and fun way to rescue your fruit from the perils of premature composting!

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