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Bang Bang Tents are four person tents that come in six different styles. Users have the choice between nature-inspired prints, including grass, chopped wood or butterflies, or more psychedelic patterns including jelly beans, mandalas or geometric shapes. The tents are made to be long-lasting, are easy to set up and can stand up to a downpour or the hot baking sun. While the tents were originally designed to appeal to those headed to a music festival, they can also offer a more playful alternative to your standard outdoor tent varieties.

The tents also come equipped with a solar panel that can be slid into a pouch on the exterior of the tent. The 5W solar panel trickle charges a lithium battery bank that has a USB charging adapter and can charge most low voltage devices. The solar panel and battery backup can be used to charge cameras, phones, or computers or even used to run speakers and LED lights. Tents are available for sale through the website for £249.95 GBP.

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