It might not look particularly dangerous, but the froth bubbling out of this lake in Bangalore is actually toxic foam caused by years of chemicals and sewage being dumped into the water. IT professional Debasish Ghosh has been documenting the astounding situation and recently shared his photos with BBC. His images reveal a noxious cocktail of pollution that, when it rains or the wind blows, is tossed into the air and engulfs vehicles and roads in a layer of grime that not only irritates skin, but has caught on fire serval times over the past few months.

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The 9,000-acre Bellandur Lake in Bangalore has slowly been polluted over the years. Because Bangalore is India’s tech capital, much of this pollution is related to the technology industry. The result is a snow-like toxic chemical froth. As the lake water mixes with the polluted rain run-off, the waters rise and the foam spills over onto the local streets, which can cause gridlock and emits a smell that described as “unbearable.”

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Locals petitioned the government to address the situation as early as 2000, but citizens say little has been done to stop the flow. This spring, the detergent, oil and grease that make up the foam actually caught on fire two separate times.


Images from Debasish Ghosh for BBC