Like many of the other smart designs in our Bright Ideas Lighting Design Competition, the 165 Helianthus Pendant Light is a recycled lamp inspired by forms from nature. Designed by Bao-Khang Luu, the lamp was created from 432 plastic six-pack rings, making the sculptural light fixture recycled, recyclable and quite alluring.

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Developing a technique over a year and a half, Luu hand wove the plastic rings onto metal lamp rings. This method eliminated the need for new materials and adhesives to connect the six-pack rings together. At the end of its lifespan, each lamp can be easily deconstructed for upcycling or recycling.

The lamp comes complete with UL parts and a Philips AmbientLED light bulb. Weighing just 4 lbs, the lamp is light and airy. The small size makes it easy to maneuver as it collapses to 4” to allow for shipping in a smaller container.