Artist Barbara Franc transforms recycled materials and bits of wire into elaborate sculptures of living creatures from every branch of the animal kingdom. Her three-dimensional works range from a woodpeckers and kingfishers to horses, fish, and dogs. Each recycled work of art is a one-off that calls attention to found objects while incorporating them into a greater whole.

barbara franc, recycled materials, green design, sustainable design, eco art, discarded objects

Barbara Franc says she likes the challenge of transforming something with a history, giving it a new life. She also notes that she takes inspiration from the movement of racing animals (such as horses and dogs) and both organic and inorganic skeletal structures. Franc exhibits her works in galleries and creates pieces for commission – London dwellers can catch Franc’s next show at the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea next month from March 7 through 10.

+ Barbara Franc

Images courtesy of Barbara Franc