Tip Ton is a chair designed by London’s BarberOsgerby for Vitra that converges sustainability and ergonomics into a new chair typology. Presented at the Milan Furniture Fair, this simple design redefines the plastic chair both visually and functionally.

Tip Ton by BarberOsgerby for Vitra
Image © Nexus Productions

Designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby created a versatile design made from 100% recyclable polypropylene manufactured from a single mold without the use of mechanical components. It is durable, stackable, requires zero maintenance and can be used in any environment. The total weight of the chair is a mere 4.5kg, and thanks to its low cost plastic, the chair will be available at an economical price.

From an ergonomic point of view, Tip Ton provides “a dual-function seating experience.” Besides the resting position of a normal chair, this new design tilts 9 degrees forward until a defined position that straightens the pelvis and spine, thus improving the body’s blood flow. This is possible due to the chair’s floor skids, which are distorted in the front to allow the tilting action. This kind of position adjustment feature was only available before from office chairs with mechanical systems that permit the seat to move forward.

Tip Ton was one of the most talked about designs at this year’s Milan Furniture Fair.

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