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The cool turquoise interior sets the stage for comfortable dining and the perimeter of the restaurant is lined with a series of shelves. The top shelf holds lush potted plants that line the entire building, bringing fresh oxygen to diners below. Wine racks, storage, and glasses make up other shelving levels. In the dining room, the bottom rack is covered with organic pillows and cushions, creating a bench. Other areas have high tables with stools for diners to sit alone or with a friend. The shelving materials could all be easily taken apart and recycled should the restaurant choose to change the interior.

Taking sustainability very seriously, the designers chose glasses, trays and other accessories are made from recycled materials. FSC woods and non-toxic adhesives make up the flooring, and repurposed wooden boxes line the walls. The restaurant recovers and recycles all of its grey water, and is lit efficiently with LED lighting. Plentiful windows and skylights help light the interior naturally.

The menu is comprised of organic, local ingredients, which change based on what is fresh every season. FASTViNIC is a comfortable, self service restaurant that hopes to inspire others to push their restaurants and cafes toward LEED certification.


+ Alfons Tost

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