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Barclays Center Green Roof from Architect’s Newspaper on Vimeo.

A green roof was part of the original vision for the SHoP Architects-designed Barclays Center, but the idea ran into a bit of a snag when it was discovered that the structure’s roof trusses were not strong enough to hold the additional weight of a planted roof. The building was still able to achieve LEED Silver certification thanks to a host of other sustainable features and practices, but FCRC never quite got over their dream of a verdant topper.

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Rendering: SHoP Architects

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“Our original design for the arena had anticipated a green roof as part of our effort to achieve Silver LEED certification,” said MaryAnne Gilmartin, FCRC President and CEO. “While we independently reached that goal, we always hoped to still create a green roof, further improving the environmental footprint of the arena and also making a more direct connection to the sedum covered transit entrance on the plaza. Thanks to Greenland, which shares our commitment to sustainable development, we now have the resources to make this dream a reality.”

Because of the arena’s unique sloped design, passersby will be able to see the green roof’s progress from the street. The planted roof will not be accessible to the public, but it will mitigate stormwater runoff, provide natural sound-dampening and add a pop of color to the neighborhood as originally planned.

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