Olympic mania is bound to create more than a few knotted shoulders, so Create commissioned Something and Son to build a temporary spa in London for residents and visitors alike. But the design firm’s Barking Bathhouse is no ordinary spa. Banish all thoughts of an opulent, sterile setting for the rich and famous and imagine instead what it would be like to receive an all-natural treatment in one of a series of prefabricated industrial pods!

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Reminiscent of the black-stained timber buildings of Essex, the temporary Barking Bathhouse bar and spa opened on the 13th of July, 2012 and will stay open until 7 September, 2012. Yoga, massage and all the traditional spa treatments will be available, except all of the products used are sourced from local allotments. The sauna is located in the boiler room and the cool room reaches low temperatures with a new dry-ice chiller!

If getting pampered isn’t your thing and you’d rather have a pint or two, then the bathhouse has got you covered – so to speak. Workshops are also available to lift stressed-out spirits, including laughter yoga, meditation classes and even photoshop makeovers that reveal the “secret” behind gorgeous models. And best of all, when the Olympics are over and everybody goes home, the pop-up spa will be disassembled and re-used at playground, youth centers and allotments throughout London!

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