Barnyard by Brinkworth is a farmyard dining experience in Soho London, Ollie Dabbous and Brinkworth create a nostalgic agricultural restaurant in the heart of London, London's Barnyard restaurant serves its drinks in traditional glass milk bottles and its food on white and blue enamelled metal plates, London restaurant that's like eating in a barn by Brinksworth, reclaimed timber and salvage lighting in this barn-inspired restaurant

Ollie’s vision for the Barnyard was inspired by the nostalgia of traditional agricultural environments, where almost everything serves a distinct purpose. Materials commonly found in lightweight farm buildings can be found throughout the building, including corrugated metal sheets, reclaimed timber paneling, and recycled lighting fixtures that were sourced from salvage companies around the UK. “The wall mounted lights by the bar are 1960s reclaimed German cargo ship lights, while the lights on the mezzanine are 1950s industrial red pendants from a glass factory,” Brinkworth’s Louise Melchior told Dezeen.

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A neon rooster hanging outside the restaurant invites guests inside, where they are met by high bench tables and painted metal bar stools in the front, with wooden booth style seating placed in the rear. A live tree has also been planted within the staircase that sits between the bar and the booth seating area, which adds to the rural feel. All the food comes served on white and blue enameled metal plates, while drinks come out in traditional glass milk bottles to really complete the experience.

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Images by Louise Melchior