We’ve been spying a number of illuminating designs ready to make their debut at the Milan Furniture Fair next week, among them is this elegant new lamp from Designtree. Designed by Tim Wigmore, the Base Lamp highlights the forgotten beauty of old signage by framing their colorful scraps as translucent shades for hanging light fixtures. You’d hardly recognize the 100% reclaimed plastic panels that glow fluorescent pink, frosted white or a host of other colors.

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The lamp bases are made from steel and come in black, white or silver. In addition to being recycled, the lamp ships flat packed to minimize packaging materials and fuel used for transportation. Plus since each lamp is crafted from found materials, you can rest assured that these aren’t mass made, cookie cutter decor. You might even be able to have your own old signage turned into a Base Lamp. Inquire here to find out.

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