Villagers in the French-Basque region have found a creative way of expressing their discontent with a new railway to be constructed on a picturesque hillside at the foot of La Rhune mountain. Residents “green graffitied” the words ‘EZAHT LGV NON’ (no to the LGV) in an attempt to be heard and seen. The huge words are grown with grass right at the site where the new tracks for the high-speed train are to be constructed.

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Some time ago we showed you how Japanese farmers were ‘drawing’ art and characters on rice paddy fields. In a similar manner, but for completely different reasons, these Basque activists expressed themselves using basic tools to slightly change the landscape with the green graffiti. EZAHT LGV NON can be read from a distance and from the air, though the project practically does no harm to the environment.

The new LGV high speed railway line will cut right across one side of the La Rhune mountain, an iconic area of the Basque covered in dolmens, stone circles and Neolithic monuments. Unfortunately, the reality is that the construction of the new line will probably go ahead anyway. But at least these brave and confronting words will gradually disappear and the field will grow back to as it was once before.

Via Guerrilla Innovation