On Sunday, America watched with bated breath as the Curiosity Rover successfully touched down on the surface of Mars. For two years, the highly advanced, nuclear-powered rover will explore the surface of the Red Planet, allowing us to view live images of its surface for the first time in human history. The sophisticated Rover is so interesting, a few enterprising geeks at BattleBricks decided to immortalize it in miniature LEGO form.

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Doug Moran and Will Gorman of BattleBricks built a stunning LEGO MINDSTORMS model of the Mars Curiosity Rover for the Build the Future in Space event at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The fully-functional mini-rover contains 1,000’s of LEGO bricks, and no glue was used to hold any of the pieces together. Four of the six wheels are powered, so the rover can make 360 degree turns, while a fully working arm and mast are controlled separately via a joystick controller.

As you can see in the video, the mini Mars Curiosity Rover is extremely convincing, roaming around the halls of the Kennedy Space Center. Maybe Moran and Gorman should have sent it over to Mars to keep the big version company!

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