When designing a treehouse, it’s almost always a good idea to add a little childhood nostalgia and rustic charm to the mix, even if the end result has modern leanings. We’ve talked about treehouses big, small, and uber-futuristic, and each has had its own special flavor; but no matter how you distinguish yours from the rest, once you put a house in a tree, you join the ranks of the make-believe revivalists.

German cooperative baumraum knows how to keep imagination alive in their homes. Combining architecture, landscape design and “arboriculture,” they create treetop dwellings which integrate beautifully into their forested surroundings, and preserve the integrity of the trees that support them. With the breezy playfulness of a hammock and the trusted stability of an old oak tree, baumraum won’t make you grow up to enjoy a sophisticated house.

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baumraum plans and constructs their treehouses according to customer specifications. The species of tree, distance from the ground, and amount of available space all determine how baumraum will build and suspend the structure. The design team offers suggestions about what makes the most ideal support tree and building material, but emphasizes their willingess to experiment. I like the idea of building around an old, mature fruit tree, where you will literally be showered with ripe fruit during parts of the year. (Of course, this could get messy.)

These are some of the most elegant treehouses we’ve ever seen. If the company took advantage of the extra breeze and sun exposure available in the treetops by integrating some renewable energy generation, and perhaps used sustainably-harvested wood, this might just be the perfect place to perch.

+ www.baumraum.de via: Dwell