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Located in Rheinau Baden-Linx, Germany (right near the French border), World of Living is a rather unusual type of establishment. It was conceived to show off WeberHaus’ homes, but in a fun, interactive way – and you know we can’t be mad at that! The tree house’s main body rests on a structural system of seven oblique, conical shaped columns made of Siberian larch and greets visitors to the park with a taste of the innovation they’re about to see.

As exciting as the tree house’s exterior is, the inside is no less interesting. The vaulted interior welcomes visitors with wallpaper depicting giant oak leaves as if the house itself were a tree. In fact, the walls are all made of native oak. Tired guests can take a load off in rotating seats, and integrated roll cages and drawers can act as tables or storage. Two skylights and large windows daylight the space and allow views in all directions over the park and into the tree crown.

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