Be Palettø! is an experiment in architecture for public spaces created by a group of eleven students at the Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark. The students used a limited palette of materials — well, only shipping pallets actually — and stacked them into a curvy strip to create a temporary pavilion. The newly-created space offers a fresh environment for students to mingle.

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Be Palettø consists of 420 repurposed pallets stacked to form a serpentine wall around a courtyard. Pallets strategically jut out from the center of the wall to create steps along the parameter and act as a nice place to sit. The exercise succeeds in creating a sculptural structure, outdoor furniture, shade from the summer sun and a unique space for conversation or relaxing.

Although the wall was only up for a week, it brought new life into the very traditional Danish timberfame buildings and courtyard — the curvature contrasts smartly with the timber’s grid. Check out this fun video of the making of the installation.

+ Be Palettø!

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