The Reflex installation in London comprises hundreds of brass rods containing thousands of LED lights on small custom chips. Spotted over at designboom, rAndom International’s Wellcome Trust exhibit is their largest to date. And it is simply fascinating. Reflex interacts with passersby and traffic, but interactive LEDs are almost becoming old hat on Inhabitat. What makes this installation more unique, perhaps, is how the lights represent certain collective decisions in nature.

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Featuring an algorithm that emulates swarm behavior, like a flock of birds or ants that move in tandem, the LED lights are designed to be their own living organism. The 5,000 people who walk by Wellcome Trust every day can elicit their own response, which also contains an element of unpredictability. LED lights are incredibly energy efficient, and this exhibit is a great showcase of their potential, but it also looks like a really clever way to draw in customers.

+ rAndom International

Via Designboom