New York-based architect Allison Patrick set herself the goal of creating 30 DIY designs in 30 weeks, and she called it the 30x30x3 Project. Based on her own version of the 3 R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Redecorate), the project features lots of gems – like these wonderful hanging pendant lamps made from all sorts of paper including boring novels, USA road maps, and colorful glossy magazines. Shaped like artichokes, these cute multifaceted luminaires lend a lovely glow to any room – and they’re available on Etsy or you try your hand at making your own DIY version.

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Each of Allison Patrick’s hanging fixtures is hand-made and unique. Drawing from a great variety of scrap material, she designs lamps and other household objects made with a delicate respect for trash. She believes that “being eco-friendly may feel virtuous, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice great design just for the environment.” What do you think?

+ Allison Patrick

Photo © Allison Patrick