Our fascination with prefab buildings knows no bounds — but add bamboo to the mix and you’ve really got our attention. These two beautiful houses in Hawaii were recently built using bamboo as the main building material. The total construction time?Two days.

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The Hawaiian houses were designed by David Sands of Bamboo Living Homes. The owners decided on Bamboo because it is lightweight, incredibly strong, and a rapidly renewable material. The company designed the houses, assembled them in Vietnam, and then shipped them to Hawaii to be set up on-site. The company has been building bamboo houses for 14 years, but these two were by far the fastest builds they’ve every assembled.

Sustainably-sourced bamboo is one of the best green building materials around. It’s as strong as timber, grows quicker, and looks fantastic. Combining this versatile material with prefab construction strikes us as a great green idea.

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