Israeli designer Yoav Avinoam has developed a handcrafted method for casting unique furniture from repurposed sawdust. His beautiful tables and stools juxtapose various textures and are crafted using a mixture of resin and sawdust from a variety of different woods. Because of its excellence in craftsmanship, his Shavings Table was recently honored in Designboom’s Intelligent Hand competition.

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Avinoam lays the legs of each table directly into the mold, integrating these elements into the setting sawdust while creating a crumbly texture for the tabletop. The form of the tree branch-inspired legs also help secure the parts into the mold while it drys. By the looks of Avinoam’s studio, it seems that for his molds he probably uses the sawdust from the bandsaw used to cut the legs of the table. The economy of material for the design is quite applaudable. We also love the contrast in texture between the loosely-formed top and the smooth structured leg forms. Check out our gallery for some of Avinoam’s telling process photos, which allow us the inside scoop on how he creates his furniture.

One can’t help but notice that the sawdust mixture resembles used coffee grounds. Being that this is a “coffee” table, it would have been a wonderful opportunity to have added some agro waste to the mixture. There are other designer experimenting with furniture made from recycled coffee ground composites with binders of natural resins, so we think that material combination of would be very useful put toward Avinoam’s designs.

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