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Built for a couple who likes to entertain, House Hafner benefits from a private plot at the end of a blind alley that allowed the designer to create an open plan space that opens to the verdant outdoors. Almost entirely surrounded by forest, the futuristic home has two wings: one is defined by floor to ceiling windows that spill out onto a simple wooden deck. The second is a little more closed in, but large square cutouts ensure plenty of daylight reaches the living spaces held within.

There is a three meter difference between the two halves of House Hafner, a creative intervention that helps to explain the home’s bold appearance. The lower, more “introverted” wing is accessed by a door surrounded by a living green garage of sorts. Steps leads from there to the ground level. The interior is open, filled with light, and furnished with contemporary pieces that maintain a sense of subtlety. Wow. We love this house.

+ Hornung and Jacobi Architecture

Photography courtesy of Hornung and Jacobi Architecture