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MOSStile, Benetti Stone, living wall, vertical garden, moss, modular tile, green interiors

The MOSStile is made of an ecologic resin base imbedded with natural moss for use indoors. No toxic substances are used in the making of the tile and no chemicals or fertilizers are needed to maintain them once they are installed. Maintenance is practically non-existent and no watering (except for an occasional misting) is necessary. The moss pulls all the nourishment it needs from an environment of at least 50% humidity. MOSStiles should not be placed in direct sunlight as diffuse light or even no light is best for them (great news for those of us who inhabit cave-like city apartments).

Measuring 29.8 x 29.8 cm in size, the modular tiles can be placed in any configuration, as a pattern, as a whole wall or as a single square, circle, rectangles or even the inverse of one of these shapes. Thousands of possibilities exist to create any sort of patterns out of the 12 beautiful colors. Hey, just because you want to be green, doesn’t mean your living wallhas to be.

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